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Water Temp. Sender Radiator Hose Adaptor

Price: $26.00
Manufacturer: Prosport Gauges
Manufacturer Part No: PSWT3-

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Made from 6061 Aluminum this in-line radiator hose adaptor will make installing your temp. Sender a breeze. (Installation instructions below)

This will place the temperature sensor directly in the stream of the water towards the radiator without absorbing transient heat from the engine block for accurate readings of the water temperature. Four sizes are available for the perfect fit for just about any engine application and stays water-tight to prevent leaks with the provided hose clamps. Each adapter features an 1/8 NPT fitting.

Simply insert into your upper radiator hose and tighten the hose included hose clamps.
Measure the inside diameter in to choose the correct size for your vehicle.
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This is one of the easiest items to install.  Total install time is about 5 minutes:
 Step 1: Measure inside diameter of your upper radiator hose. You can simply loosen the radiator hose clamp at the neck and pull the hose off to get the inside diameter.
Inches to milimeters conversion chart:
28 Millimeters = 1 1/32" (most Honda's)
30 Millimeters = 1 1/16"
32 Millimeters = 1 1/4" (Celica)
34 Millimeters = 1 3/8" (Supra, Chevy's & Cobalt SS)
38 Millimeters = 1.5"  (Subaru, Hyundai & RX-7)
If you measure the outside diameter of the hose subtract 6mm for the wall thickness
Step 2:Determine the best place to install the adaptor-along a straight part of the hose, and cut the hose.
Step 3: Place a hose clamp on each end of the hose and insert the adaptor, slide the hose clamps against the adaptor and tighten.
Step 4: Screw in temp sender and connect to gauge.
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